The Aldesa Group traditionally has an interest to achieve and demonstrate a high level of commitment to the environment and the preservation of the natural environment, which is made public through the guidelines expressed in its environmental policy.

The companies of the Aldesa Grupo have the Environmental Management Certificate, according to ISO standard 14001, which ensures compliance with the applicable environmental legislation and regulations, and the use of processes that prevent, reduce and control pollution, with an emphasis on prevention and establishing a constant improvement in the environmental performance of the company.

Aldesa establishes an Environmental Management Plan in its projects which, in addition to identifying and assessing the environmental aspects generated by its construction activities (waste residues, atmospheric emissions, discharges and noise), identifies the environmental legislation, controls the company's own legal compliance and that of subcontractors, and it establishes an environmental improvement objective.

The Group also has different best practice manuals, which are given to staff. Additionally, it shares its environmental concerns with suppliers and partners, ensuring their employees have the environmental training and awareness necessary to carry out their activities.


To commit to protecting the environment, including other specific commitments in the field.
To comply with prevailing environmental legislation and regulations, as well as the requirements that the company subscribes for these purposes.
To use processes, practices or materials that avoid, reduce or control pollution, under an overall prevention commitment.
To continuously strengthen environmental management in order to secure improvements in the company's environmental performance.
To regularly establish and review environmental objectives and goals, according to the commitments undertaken in this declaration.
To notify and involve staff regarding how to develop and apply the environmental management system.Communicate with and involve the staff concerned to develop and implement the environmental management system.