In the current sustainability economic environment, the company must set goals that go beyond achieving the maximum profit and must establish not only an economic objective, but also a social objective.

For this reason, Aldesa's list of commitments with its interest groups is completed with its Social Action programme, which confirms the Group's desire to generate a benefit for Society, allocating resources that contribute to reducing social inequalities. This plan has been designed with the goal of linking the corporate strategy with the community's social and economic needs.

Aldesa's social actions are focused on developing projects related to its activity that create value for the community, by satisfying its real needs. The projects are based around two spheres of activity: promoting infrastructure development in the poorest regions of the world and the social integration of those less fortunate in the communities where it operates.


Access to basic infrastructure services for the population, such as drinking water supply and sanitation.
Sustainable management of the area's natural resources, in order to boost the development of the most disadvantaged rural areas.
Developing initiatives aimed at training in countries where the Aldesa Group operates, as well as integrating people with disabilities into the labour market.