En confianza. La gestión social de Aldesa



Grupo Aldesa has been working for years to make compatible its economic development with the integration of environmental and social concerns in its management model. The growth and diversification that the Group has experienced in recent years has made it necessary to pay greater attention to the consequences of the activities it carries out that have an impact on society. Now, Aldesa has decided to edit, on the occasion of its 50th anniversary, its philosophy on Corporate Social Responsibility under the title Trustworthy. The social management of Aldesa.


The publication is structured in accordance with ISO Guide 26000, which offers a global consensus on the fundamental issues and issues to report. In this way, Aldesa performs an exercise of transparency and accountability regarding the governance of the organization (corporate governance and compliance), respect and protection of Human Rights (with special attention to the Group's Code of Ethics), labor practices, the environment , fair operating practices (Aldesa has a Compliance Model based on the highest international standards and regulations, which reinforces its corporate values ??and ethical principles), aspects related to customers (where transparency, quality and innovation take center stage), and finally, the active participation and development of the community through its Social Action Program, which seeks to generate trust through the development of initiatives related to its activity that create value in the communities where the Group is present, and may contribute more than the mere execution of the constructive project.